Analysis Audio was officially established in 1990. The first pre-production planar-ribbon loudspeakers were finished and being tested by 1989. The owner/designer of Analysis Audio has been professionally involved in audio since 1979. By 1982 he opened his own speaker lab to design, modify and service loudspeakers.

     Analysis Audio has accumulated vast knowledge of many speaker types and crossover designs over the many year in business. Analysis Audio has concentrated on the full range planar-ribbon design because we feel that this type of transducer, correctly executed, can reproduce music more faithfully and more naturally overall than most other designs.

     The focus at Analysis Audio is to design and manufacture the highest quality, high performance planar-ribbon loudspeakers available. This can only be accomplished by a team like Analysis Audio which has in-depth understanding of the technology behind music reproduction. Equally important to us, and at the top of our list of priorities, is excellent customer service. Once you purchase a pair of Analysis Audio loudspeakers we want you, our customer, to feel confident that we stand behind our products.